I have an addiction.  It used to be scrapbook paper, now it’s fabric.  At least the fabric I generally can make into something I can sell but sometimes I just need to learn to stop!  Fabricland (the big chain store in Canada) has had a pretty insane sale the last week and I’ve been twice.  The problem is that each trip generally tends to result in another rather large stack of fabric and another rather large chunk in my bank account.  One of these days I’ll take a picture of my fabric closet for you (there’s infinitely more cloth in there than in my clothes closet..) but for now here’s some of the stuff I’ve bought recently.

6 thoughts on “Addiction

  1. Bloggy Mama

    i have the same problem, but have gotten into the funk where it doesn’t even get used. I think that I will be moving more boxes of fabric into our new house than… ummm lots of other things (but not kids’ clothes because that’s a whole other story).


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