Holidays Part One

I’m back!  Back home that is.  It is so very nice to be home after a great holiday.  Travis just left for work for the first time in over 2 weeks so it’s time for me to get used to just me and the kids again.
Our holidays were great.  We spent a week in Manitoba visiting with family and cousins and going to 2 weddings.  The weather was great just about the entire time but wow were the mosquito’s bad!  We survived them however and spent lots of time outside shooting bows with Trav’s cousins.  Travis had made one for one of his cousins and it turned out that pretty much everyone loved shooting so his list of bows to make has just grown immensely.  Both the weddings we went to were supposed to be outside ceremonies but they both ended up indoors.  The one wedding got rained out and the other one got moved indoors because the ground was just way too wet!  I have to admit it was nice to not have to worry about slapping mosquito’s off myself and the kids during the whole ceremony.
The boys had a great time with Trav’s cousins kids, and his cousins.  I don’t think they’ve ever gotten so much attention.  They also did amazing in the van considering in total we spent over 40 hours in over the 2 weeks.  All the stickers and coloring books and kids music Cd’s really helped.  I don’t really think there was ever a point where we just couldn’t keep them happy anymore and for the most part they fully entertained themselves.  (and yes! we did all that driving without a DVD player!)  Ara also did amazing in the van.  I made a point of feeding her every time we stopped for gas or a potty break or to eat and we never did have to stop specifically for her.
The second week we spent in Saskatchewan at Trav’s parents place.  We spent 2 full days and one night out a their cabin canoeing and quading and hanging out.  I also managed to finally finish the book I started before Ara was born!  (The Fiery Cross (Outlander) by Diana Gabaldon)  We also got some visiting in with friends, I got to see my friend Pam who I haven’t seen in 5 years!  And the best part was probably getting to spend some time alone, just Trav and I which really doesn’t happen too often.
there isn’t usually water here, but Saskatchewan has gotten so much rain this spring this place just filled right up enough water to go canoeing!
Anyway, enough talking about my holidays, here are some more pictures!
Riding at Trav’s Aunt’s stables, Prairie Stables
Brayer had a great time riding with daddy, Kaed was a little too afraid to try.
Here’s the bow Trav made for his cousin Kaeleb
Having ice cream at The Forks in Winnipeg
Brayer and his much loved Uncle John
Brayer loving life at the cabin

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  1. Suzanne

    Gosh you have cute kids.
    It also looks like you had an amazing time and I bet spending time with just you and Trav was super nice.
    I love the pictures!


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