Thrifty Finds!

While in Manitoba we stayed with Trav’s Aunt and Uncle in a small little town just outside of Winnipeg.  In that town they had a huge MCC Thrift Store so of course I had to go check it out.  Wow did I get some steals!  I couldn’t believe the prices there.  I bought everything you see below and tons more for a grand total of $20!!  And people say you only get good deals in big city!

some felt and vintage buttons
I plan to make some new dish cloths out of this waffle fabric
a pretty scarf, I thought it would make great lining fabric for a bag
a couple of pretty handmade doilies
pretty fabrics
I fell in love with this table cloth
not sure what I’ll use these for, there are 4 of them and they are so pretty
more fabric
besides all this lace and trims, I also got a ton more for my sister
okay I’ll admit I didn’t need these, but the packaging was awesome and for .10 each, I picked them up anyway.
Besides all that I also got more vintage buttons and a bunch of patterns.  Score… no?

4 thoughts on “Thrifty Finds!

  1. Shelly

    Nice! I haven’t been there in so long. I should have gone while we were there. Although Grandma and Grandpa did show us the jewelry they’ve been sorting!

  2. Kara

    Grandpa told me once that the thrift store pulls down something like $10,000 a month! Keeping in mind that everything in there is like 50 cents to a couple bucks… can you imagine how much stuff they must sell?

    I should mention that it all goes to charity. :)


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