Tag Toy for Ara

I didn’t feel like doing anything on my to do list today so instead I decided to make Ara a toy.  The first one turned out great but is still too big/difficult for her to hold so then I had to make another one of course!  I’ve never made a taggie blankie before and wow does she love it!

This is the first one I made.  I love love love the fabrics on it and I made it crinkly!  It crinkles when she plays with and guess how I managed that?
Yup!  I sewed a (cleaned) Tostitos bag inside it!
Here’s taggie toy #2.  This one is much smaller and easier for Ara to hold and it’s also super soft.  The minky dots fabric is the same fabric I made her blankie out of so I’m hoping she loves it even more because of that.
Making these was super fun and now I have one more baby gift idea to add to the list!

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