Etsy Love

Most of you know my little sister has an awesome shop on etsy but did you know a couple of my cousins do too?  Except actually neither of them are really my cousins, but sort of!

First “cousin”
Jen!  She isn’t my cousin by blood but she married my cousin so I figure that counts.  Her shop is awesome and I love it because, well, it involves sewing!

Jen’s shop is Little Metal Mis(s)ter and her tag line is “bootys to babies, I’ve got your parts covered!!”  Love that!  So far Jen sells mostly his and her undie sets and clothes and toys for babies and toddlers.  You can check out all her awesome stuff in her shop Little Metal Mis(s)ter
Second “cousin”
Christina!  Christina also isn’t technically my cousin she’s my moms cousin!  So I’m not sure what that makes her to me, my second cousin maybe?  First cousin once removed?  I don’t know, maybe you do?  Anyway Christina does amazing artwork and I’ve been eyeing up some of paintings for a while.  Chris’ shop is Alepeca Arts.  Go check it out, seriously you’ll love her stuff.
So there you go, some pretty sweet talent in my family hey?

5 thoughts on “Etsy Love

  1. Chris and Christina

    aw, thanks so much cousin :)!
    i think technically we are second-cousins, but since i’m used to calling your mom “auntie”, just plain cousin will do. i’ve hardly painted since autumn was born, so i really admire all the amazing things you do with 3 kids.
    would you be interested in doing a trade? i’m eyeing one of your shelley bags.

  2. Jen

    Thanks Hilda!! :)

    Its funny about your comment to do with ‘sort of’ cousins cause when I was showing Steve the other week that you and Suzy had posted links to my shop on your Fb.. first thing he says when he saw it, ‘Aww they said you were their cousin’ lol

    Thanks again dollface!!

  3. Suzanne

    Who cares about technicalities. TECHNICALLY we aren’t related to Christina by blood at all, but she is still our cousin in my mind. I always called her cousin and her mom is still Tante Hilda :)

    As for Jen, she married into the family, therefore she is a cousin. And she can’t escape. *snickers*


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