Abigail Bag

I finished it!  My latest bag design.  I’m really enjoying the whole process of seeing something in my mind and actually making it come out the way I want.  I never thought I’d like to do the actual designing when it comes to sewing but it turns out I do!
I named this bag design after my brand new niece.  It’s small and cute just like she is!  So here it is, the Abigail Bag.  I hope to have more in new fabrics in shop soon!  (also go check out shops on Etsy, there’s a new format and I happen to love it… of course not everyone feels this way…)

What do you think?  I’m loving the little buttons on the sides, just gives it a bit something extra.  I also hope to make a few with metal hardware where the straps attach to the bag, I just get some hardware first!
I have a recipe review coming up soon here, just in case you think I’ve completely left cooking and baking on the back burner.

4 thoughts on “Abigail Bag

  1. Meg

    I love this. And I’m so thrilled that it’s named afer Abi. And I’m sure she will be too once she’s old enough to understand. :)


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