Car Roll Up

We celebrated Brayers birthday last month and I wanted to make him something he would actually like.  Something he would actually use, but I also wanted to give him some hot wheels types of cars because he is a little obsessed with those things.  I found some at a garage sale in perfect condition for .10 each so I bought him a bunch and then thought about making something to go with them.  I figured if I made him something to carry his cars in, he’d be happy.  This kid of mine likes to take along every single one of his cars with him, EVERYWHERE he goes so I wanted something that made it a little easier on him to carry.

I came up with a little car roll up/wallet type thing.  He can fit 8 cars in it and there are a few roads on it when he rolls it open to drive on!  I absolutely love how this turned out and Brayer loves it too.  It was really quite simple to make once I had it all figured out so I can see this being a great gift project for future little boys’ birthdays.

All rolled up and ready to cart around!
There are 4 little slots on each side of the roll up to “park” the cars in.
I used a thick gray ribbon for the road and then used bright orange thread to stitch on the center line.
Opened up
I’m thinking these would make a great shop addition.  What do you think?

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