So my computer died on me this week and I’m just now getting the new one all set up.  So far we haven’t managed to access all my files and photos and well, my entire LIFE (it seems) from the old one but we will… right?
I’m busy planning new things for my shop, working on custom orders and trying to figure out a way to make ranger cloaks for the boys for Halloween.  I want something similar to the cloaks that Aragorn and the Legolas and the Hobbits all wore in The Lord of The Rings movies.  I also hope to make them some stuffed swords and scabbards.  I can only imagine how many hours of fun they’ll have with those.
Last weekend I managed to get a brand new bag design made up.  I love the results so much I really wanted to keep it for myself but of course I put in the shop instead!

I wish I had bigger better pictures to show you but unfortunately they are all on the old computers hard drive!!

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