Gettin in the Way

I started another tutorial last week but then I found out that the pain and numbness in my wrists and hands is likely carpal tunnel so I’ve been avoiding doing any typing.  It’s been hard!  I love being on the computer and staying away would have been a lot more difficult if I hadn’t been so busy with custom orders this week.  Thankfully machine sewing doesn’t seem to aggravate my wrists too badly.

So until I get that tutorial all finished and typed up, here’s some of the things I’ve been working on lately.

Yellow Little Girls Purse

Hot Pink Little Girls Purse

Owls Little Girls Purse

Custom Order Navy Diaper Bag

Yellow and Red Flower Print Booties

Custom ordered black booties with hand stitched hot pink stitching.  (LOVE these ones)

6 thoughts on “Gettin in the Way

  1. Kara

    You dictate, Travis types – problem solved! :)

    These are all super cute. I need some more booties soon – for someone we know having twins!


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