Baby Binky Bunny #2

I made another Baby Binky Bunny last week.  This one for my niece Abigail for Christmas.  I used coordinating fabric in the ears to the bunny I made for Ara so that when they get older they will have matching bunnies.  I haven’t made blankies for the bunnies yet but I think I’ll save that for their first birthdays.  I don’t think either of them will be wrapping their babies till then anyway!  I was in a bit of a rush to get this bunny done so of course things went wrong but I got it all sorted in the end and she turned out pretty good.  Abigail is only 4 months old and gave her bunny a huge grin when she opened her so I hope Ara has a good reaction to hers at Christmas too.

We’ve all been hit with a nasty stomach flu bug here so I’m officially behind in my Christmas presents now, but what would a handmade Christmas be if I weren’t?

2 thoughts on “Baby Binky Bunny #2

  1. Kelly

    Hilda, you are amazing, that bunny is adorable! My daughter opened her new boots last night during our early Christmas party, and we LOVE them!


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