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Happy New Year!  We had a really great Christmas and very uneventful New Years but boy was it nice to take a break.  We spent a week in Saskatchewan with Travis’ family and then 3 more days just at home.  The day Travis went back to work myself and all 3 kids got sick again.  Boo.  We were hit with a nasty stomach virus before Christmas and this time around it’s head colds.  I’m really hoping we’re all feeling better tomorrow.

I have lots of Christmas pictures to share with you but for now I wanted to share my latest etsy obsession…

Makeup!  My little sister does makeup creations for a little shop called Pure Fusion Mineral Makeup.  Chantelle is the genuis/creator behind this shop and man I love her eye shadows!  I now have 8 different colors and I love them all.  I first found Pure Fusion on Etsy when I was searching for mineral makeup in Canada.  When I found the shop I noticed she’s located in Terrace BC which is only a couple of hours from my home town so of course I had to buy something!  I started out with one her sample sets and that ended up lasting me forever so it’s just been in the last month that I ordered full sizes.

Anyway I wanted to show you some of the super amazing creations that Suzy, my sis has done with Pure Fusion’s makeup!

So there you go!  Suzy also has a makeup tutorial on her blog if you’re interested you can check it out here:

**Chantelle just left a comment here letting all you readers know that you can get a discount in her shop! From Jan 6th-20th you can have 10% off their order. Just type in HTBLOG10 for the coupon code!**

4 thoughts on “Makeup on Etsy

  1. Kara

    Whoa, how do I not know about this makeup yet? I’ll definitely be checking it out and then afterwards I’ll still look nothing like Suzy.

  2. Anonymous

    Awww, thanks for the love!! And yes, your sis does amazing work! Im so blessed to have her create some looks for me!!
    For all of your readers…if they make a purchase from Pure Fusion from Jan 6th-20th they can have 10% off their order. Just type in HTBLOG10 for the coupon code!

    thanks again


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