New Items

A friend of mine asked me if I would make her a tea wallet and seeing as that was something I’d been planning on trying out for a while, I jumped on the chance.  Since then I’ve made a whole stack of them and I just want to make more.  I love a project that is easy to make, requires picking out lots of different cute fabrics, and takes hardly any time at all from start to finish.  Hmm…. maybe I should get a tutorial up on the blog!

Until then, here are a couple of my favorites.

4 thoughts on “New Items

  1. Janee Lookerse


    Thanks so much for enlightening me! I’m learning all kinds of new things this week! I guess its a really good idea to have something to put a tea bag in, they are pretty fragile. Your fabric is really fun too.

    Thanks for the compliment!


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