Something New(ish)

I made this little bag a couple of days ago and I have to admit I won’t be upset if it never sells :)  It’s one of my favorites by far so I thought’d I share it.
One of my favorite things about it is that the bow is removable.  Kind of makes it seem like two bags in one!
I’m hoping to get that tea wallet tutorial photographed today so hopefully it will be posted soon!

3 thoughts on “Something New(ish)

  1. Hanna

    HI Hilda
    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and leaving such a lovely comment. I am your newest follower:) I LOVE your Etsy shop too. I Love everything handmade and only feature handmade on my blog. I would love to host a giveaway for you if you were ever interested:) I hope you have a great weekend. Nice meeting you!!


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