Meal Plan

This week I decided to give a go at meal planning.  Before I started sewing, I spent a lot more time cooking and baking and the thought of meal planning seemed silly seeing as deciding what to make and the process that goes with it was sort of the highlight of my day!  I still love to cook and bake but I just don’t have the time I used to and it often takes a back seat to my sewing.  The thing I have the most trouble with is deciding what to make.  I often don’t even think about dinner until 3pm and by that point the last thing I want to do is try something new so we end up stuck with our usual boring meals.

So this past Monday I went scouring the blog world for new recipes and made up a list of dinners for this week.  It’s been great!  So far we’ve had pork roast, followed by pulled pork sandwiches recipe here  which were fantastic.  Neither Travis nor I are pork fans but this was good, and the kids LOVED it!

Last night I roasted a chicken and we had that with potatoes and corn and tonight I’m trying out a recipe from Tidy Mom  I can’t quite figure out how I’ve never seen her blog before but wow is it a wealth of great recipes and tips!!!  Tonight we’re having her Fire Roasted and Tomato Chicken Quesadillas  I can’t wait, I love quesadillas and it should be  cinch to make using leftover chicken!

The other reason I’ve decided to go with a meal plan is an attempt to eat better.  My biggest fault with eating is grabbing something convenient for lunch like a muffin or a cookie instead of eating a real meal so my hopes is with lots of yummy leftovers I might actually eat lunch instead.  I’m also cutting out all snacks but veggies and fruits so with my metabolism that means I need to eat fuller meals so I’m not hungry in between.  So far it’s been good!

I hope to continue to share with you the new recipes I try that I love and of course the places I found them from.

3 thoughts on “Meal Plan

  1. Kelly

    Good for you! I just started that this week too! I have started using a lot more ground turkey too… turkey pesto meatballs, turkey chilli, if you want the recipes message me.

  2. Jenn Plug

    meal planning is THE best thing i ever started doing! last week i made my monthly meal plan but accidently did a 5 week plan … oops. but hey, i have all the stuff, except for the fresh stuff, for the next 5 weeks! It’s insane :)


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