Ruffled Zipper Pouch Tutorial

I’ve been making lots of zipper pouches for my upcoming craft fair so I thought in the midst of it all I should go ahead and take some step by step pictures to make a tutorial.  I tried to use the same basic tutorial to make 3 different types of pouches.  Either boxed bottom for a more 3D feel or flat for those who like that style more.  I also did either a ruffled strip across or a pleated strip.  I think I personally prefer the pleated strip but they are both pretty cute.

I tried something new for this tutorial and did it  Let me know what you think of it this way.  I figured it would be easier for people to print it out this way.  I managed to figure out how to save it as a pdf but so far I can’t figure how I publish that pdf online so I can link directly to it.  Any suggestions?

Anyway here’s the tutorial:  Ruffled or Pleated Zipper Pouch Tutorial

Let me know if you have any questions, or if any steps seem confusing.

8 thoughts on “Ruffled Zipper Pouch Tutorial

  1. Kelly

    These are so cute — thanks for the tutorial! RE: having downloadable PDFs. Here’s what I learned from another blogger (Cathe from Just Something I Made when she was still using Blogger). WordPress allows downloadable PDFs, so I created a free WordPress blog just for my PDFs. I upload there then post a link to my Blogger blog. Kind of a pain, but it works! Here’s one of my posts with downloadable PDFs:

    I hope this helps! (Love your blog, BTW!)

  2. sansuey

    I sew zip pouches to sell in my Etsy shop, Stitchuation, and I sew them the same way you do.
    That was a great tutorial, which I am going to share with a friend in my quilt group.
    Excellent work…and that is a way cute pouch with the ruffle strip!

  3. Tanya

    That is great! I have been making lots of little purses lately. This is really clear and inspired me to try something a little different, the pleats. Thanks.

  4. Leah Belle

    thanks for taking the time to put up this tutorial. i have been making zippered pouches for gifts lately and your tutorial offered a better way to do the boxing and the pleating. thanks.


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