Each one of my kids have gotten an amazing handmade (and by handmade I mean she stitches them by hand, not machine!!) stuffed animal from their Auntie Shelly for their first birthday, and Ara just got hers in the mail last week.  It is so cute and I LOVE her choice of animal this time around…

Miss Owl is made entirely out of felt and I don’t really want to know how long it took her to cut out each little feather and stitch them on! 

the little feathers on the back are pretty much my favorite part.
I don’t have any pictures of the mouse Shelly made for Kaed but I blogged about the monkey she made Brayer last year and you can see that post here  Brayer named his monkey George, Kaed calls his just Mouse and I can’t wait to see what Ara decides to call her owl when she starts talking!

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