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A little while ago someone I “know” (as in I’ve read her blog for a couple years now) blogged about something that really hit home for me and it made me decide that it’s time I get a bit more personal on this here blog.  I want this space to be more than just the place where I share my craftiness, the odd recipe, and stuff about my kids.

So I’m going to share something that despite it happening a couple of weeks ago now has still been weighing heavily on my heart, and that thing is the supposed “rapture” that was to happen.  As some of you know I’m a Christian and yet, not surprisingly, I did not think the world was going to end two weeks ago.  I’m pretty sure that no one is really going to know when the end of the World happens but that’s not what bothered me about the whole scandal.  What really bothered me is basically exactly what aforementioned friend Angella said: “This past week, because of that whole Rapture-prediction-deal in the States, I have felt particularly accosted. I would open up Facebook or Twitter and there was joke after joke (after joke after joke) mocking the God I believe in and the Jesus I believe in, too. It felt like a slap in the face every single time.”

That really is exactly how I felt.  It’s funny because I really do think that I’m a very accepting person.  I do not believe it is my place to judge anyone, to mock someones faith, to point the finger at another persons sin, but somehow it was totally okay for the world to mock me, as a Christian, and my God because of one man’s folly.  Maybe I shouldn’t complain, or feel pain over this, after all Jesus told us that we would persecuted for our faith, but this really is how I feel.  I think that Satan really knew what he was doing when he got this guy to convince thousands the rapture was happening, only to have it be a day like any other day.  In so many ways I’m thankful the rapture did not happen, but in so many ways I wish it had.  Some days I can’t wait for God to wipe this world clean and other days I’m terrified at the thought of, well not being a human in this world.  I have to keep reminding myself that Heaven is going to be a thousand times better than my best day on earth.

Anyway, I really hope this post didn’t come across as “preachy” but if it did, so be it.  I’m not afraid to preach the word of the God I believe in.  I’m also not afraid to love those who don’t believe in Him and I really hope that in my daily life I show that.

So now that I’ve gotten super personal with you all, you should know that I hope to be throwing the random Faith related post in here and there and if that means you don’t want to read my blog anymore, or purchase items from my shop, I really am sorry, but this is who I am, and this is the God I love.

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