Etsy Craft Night – Alberta Style!

Well last night was the Calgary Alberta Etsy Craft Party!  It was a fantastic evening filled with meeting new people, crafting, chatting, and snacking!  One group of people made some felted mittens, a few people crocheted, and another group sat and made Birthday Cards for Santa’s Secret Service, a local charity.  Lindy of Crafted By Lindy provided all the supplies to make the cards so a huge thank you to you Lindy!  Another HUGE thank you goes out to Darcy of Splurge for all the work she did planning and coordinating the event.  You rock Darcy, thanks for planing a fantastic evening!
Anyway on to the pictures!

We had cupcakes courtesy of Lindy

and name tags!

nice looks from Suzy of Tinged and smiles from Jamie of Little Jumping Beans

good conversations

met new people

and of course CRAFTING!

the lovely ladies behind Minibytes and Bubble Gum Sass were there!


a stack of finished cards!

some more card crafting with some lovely ladies

And that’s all!  We had a great evening, it was so great to get out and talk crafting and Etsy and just get to know each other!  I can’t wait for the next one!

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