Safety First

Or something like it anyway!

The boys just recently really learned how to ride their bikes.  They’ve never shown much of an interest before but in the last week it’s suddenly ride, ride, ride!  I’m seriously excited about this because as much as I love to walk with them, it’s never much of a workout at the speed they walk.  Now the boys can ride and I can push Ara in the stroller!  Perfect.  Anyway, we never had helmets for them before because like I said, they never really cared about biking before so tonight we went out and got them some.  The particular helmets they picked out happened to come with some knee and elbow pads so of course those had to be worn as well… and not just when we got home but the instant we paid for them!  After we walked out of Canadian Tire we still had another store to go to and sure enough, both boys were decked out in knee pads, elbow pads, and helmets.  CUTE.

 of course at some point, being boys, they had to make themselves fall in order to test out their new safety equpiment

 this right here, is why I’m so thankful I had two boys in a row.
testing that safety stuff again

When I turned around I saw this so sad face watching from the window.  One day baby girl, one day… but for now, please stay little!

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