Bread on the Grill

It’s no secret that I love to make bread, but when it’s hot outside I often dread the thought of turning the oven on so every now and then I bake bread on the barbeque.  I find it difficult to get the same results as I would in the oven but sometimes it’s just worth it to not heat up the house even more.
The other night I made some Jalapeno Cheddar Beer Bread and it turned out great.  I pre heated a cast iron pan in the BBQ while it pre heated and when everything was nice and hot I placed the shaped bread on the pan and closed the lid.  I actually BBQ’d steak and some veggies in there at the same time so I was surprised at how evenly the bread cooked.

after just a few minutes cooking on the grill 

the bread finished with butter brushed on top.  You’ll notice the bottom is quite brown but we just cut that part off and ate the rest!

I got the recipe for the bread here: Jalepeno Cheese Beer Bread  I used fresh jalapenos instead of pickled ones and I added a handful of chopped fresh green onions too.  So good!

2 thoughts on “Bread on the Grill

  1. Cati Basmati

    I am amazed at how even it looks! And it looks quite mouth-watering, too, but that may also be because of my lunch break 😉
    The essence of my reading though: I need a BBQ with a lid. Urgently!


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