Roll Up Market Tote Bag

My Mom has a fantastic shopping bag that neatly folds up into a little pocket and ever since She showed it to me I’ve been slightly jealous of how handy it is.  She suggested I just make my own so I looked around online to see the different styles and found this one here.  I loved the simple idea of a button and elastic but wanted something bigger, something more boxy etc. so I made my own!
The Market Tote I came up with is huge.  I could pretty much fit a weeks worth of groceries in it (besides milk) if I wanted and the best part is it rolls up to fit in my hand so I can store it in my purse.

Anyway here’s how you fold it up!

lay the bag front side down (button and loop facing the floor) then fold one side over to the middle.
fold the other side on top of the first fold so they match evenly.

tuck the straps down

starting from the bottom, tightly roll up all the way to the end.

grab the elastic and loop it around the roll and onto the button.  There you go!

Ready for Market.

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