Lamb’s Quarters Omelete

I think I’ve mentioned before that Travis has really been getting into foraging lately and I have to admit I’m really enjoying it too.  One of the things we’ve learned about is a “weed” called Lamb’s Quarters.  It grows all over the place in our garden and yard and it’s surprisingly good.  I’ve been cooking it just like spinach and it really cooks and tastes very similar to spinach.
I’ve used the Lamb’s Quarters now in salads (although I prefer it cooked), on pizza, in stir fry’s, and my favorite in an omelet.  Here’s a recipe for an omelet I made a couple of nights ago.

One egg per person served (I used 5)

Whatever kind of veggies etc. you want in there.  I added yellow peppers and mushrooms I got from the Farmers Market that morning.

Lamb’s Quarters!  My only complaint against these greens is you’ve got to pick a lot to get a decent amount.  Just like spinach it wilts and shrinks when you cook it so you need several handfuls to get a fair amount.

I take all the stems off and toss in the leaves.  The leaves are so small I don’t bother chopping them.


Green onions from our garden…

And I added ham but you could easily make a vegetarian version of it.
I threw all the ingredients in a bowl and whisked it up, added some shredded cheese, cayenne pepper, black pepper, and salt and poured it into a hot cast iron skillet.

Once the omelet was almost all cooked I put it in the oven on broil until the top browned up nicely.  Then, we ate! Yum!

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