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Since I featured Lindy’s fabulous shop last week, I’ve decided I’d like to do the whole “Shop Love” feature a little more often.  There are so many amazing artists on etsy and I spend far too much time searching for them all so I might as well share them with you too!

So next up I give you Stacey of Creashines!  Stacey’s shop is pretty much the best, everything she has is so adorable and her photography is nothing short of amazing.  I love how how her stuff ranges from uber cute to slight spooky, to down right awesome.

this Chocolate Kiss Ring makes me hungry every time I see it.

okay so maybe these make me a little bit hungry too.

I keep thinking how much much my kids would love Stacey’s Farm Fun Magnets

and well I love this one just because it’s a Camping Ring!!

Once again, Stacey has no idea I’m doing this feature, so surprise Stacey! I hope you love it!

5 thoughts on “Shop Love

  1. Jasmine Hope

    I love all of Stacey’s stuff! She’s even more awesome in real life (we went to college together)! I think my favorite of all her stuff is her awesome Halloween themed creations!


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