Shop Love – No Jo Is Average

Seriously, who doesn’t love vintage and retro kitchy finds?  I do!  And I loooove this little shop!  No Jo is Average is full of cute little vintage finds and her product shots are so perfect.
I love love love these lotus bowls.  Seriously, if I even needed new bowls a teeny tiny bit I’d buy these in a heartbeat.

I also have a bit of a thing for enamelware and there’s lots to be found in Jo’s shop.
Jo also has another shop, the fantastic 42 Things.  Nobody knows how to upcycle like Jo so if you love items that have taken a new lease on life, go check out her first etsy shop.

So there you go! One more amazing seller on etsy.  Isn’t she great?

5 thoughts on “Shop Love – No Jo Is Average

  1. Andrea

    Ha ha, I recently fell in love with those bowls! I did not know, however, that 42things was the same person. I’ve always loved her photography!


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