Pumpkin Puree

 Pumpkin Puree from your Halloween Pumpkin!

  Do you ever wonder what to do with the pumpkins you carved for Halloween after the candy filled holiday is over?  I’m guessing most of you compost yours, or even throw them out but did you know you can use them to make your own pumpkin puree?  Pumpkin puree is good for so many things, muffins, pumpkin pie, soups, baby food and it’s really pretty easy to make. 
I hate throwing any potential food out so despite the fact that turning those carved pumpkins into puree is a bit of work and quite time consuming I do it anyway.
Here’s how I do it.

Pumpkin Puree
Cut away the carved portion of your pumpkin.  This part you’ll want to compost just because it gets real dirty when you’re carving and you may have used ink or other things to draw your design on first hand.
excuse my poor lighting, I did mine early early this morning and forgot to check my white balance before I started shooting

Next you’ll want to cut the rest of the pumpkin up into medium sized pieces.  I slice from the top all the way down in about 3-4inch pieces.

Now you’ll want to cut off all the very inside layer of the pumpkin.  It looks a bit stringy and is often a bit scorched from the candle.  Make sure you cut away any pieces of candle wax that may have dripped on your pumpkin.
Chop the big pieces into smaller squares and lay flesh side down onto a foil or parchment lined cookie sheet.  You can forget the foil or parchment if you want but you’ll spend hours scrubbing your poor cookie sheet after.
Pop your pumpkin into an over preheated to 350 degrees and bake for at least an hour.  Check your pumpkin after about 45 mins, if your fork pushes into it really easy it’s done.  The timing is really very dependant on how small you chopped your pieces.
Once your pumpkin is done cooking, let it cool almost completely.  Then scrape all the flesh off of the outer peel into a large bowl.  I did two pumpkins and ended up needing 2 huge bowls for all the yummy pumpkin I scraped out.
Lastly you’ll want to blend your pumpkin up in batches in either a blender or a food processor.
I freeze mine in 2 cup portions so I have the perfect amount for pumpkin spice muffins ready.
There you go! You made your own pumpkin puree!
Just in case you were wondering what this pumpkin looked like before I chopped it all up….

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  1. Jenn

    All right….you inspired me…roasting my pumpkin right now. Last year George bleached the pumping so his “creation” would last longer! This year we carved it the night off halloween so it’s a perfect year to roast!


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