A Giveaway! With One Plus One!

I know I’ve mentioned my good friends Tyler and Jessie before, if not on here for sure on my Facebook page so for some of you their genuis is nothing new.  For those of you however, who don’t know Tyler and Jessie, it’s time you take a look at some of their creations.

I was trying to think of a clever way to describe this dynamic duo when I thought instead I’d share their own thoughts on themselves, taken straight from their etsy profile.

“We are a pair of cards is what we are. Not the King and Queen though, more like the Joker and the Ace (you can guess which is which). We are One Plus One, and our passion for a good idea is one that burns bright.”

I first met Tyler and Jessie through my lovely sister in laws who introduced us close to 7 years ago. Since then we’ve got to “vacation” with them at various family occasions as well as getting to help them celebrate their wedding a year and a half ago.

You can learn more about these two on their gorgeous blog, find out about all the fabulous wedding stationary design they do on their website, and shop their brand spankin’ new etsy shop.  You can also WIN some of their stuff!!
Here’s how you can enter:  Go to One Plus One Design and leave a comment on this post letting me know what your favorite thing is in their shop! Come Friday I’ll use a random number generator to pick the winner!  Once the winner has been drawn Tyler and Jessie will mail out some of their Send Some Love cards and Tags.
Want to win something from me too?  Go check out today’s blog post on One Plus One and you could win one of my infinity scarves!

10 thoughts on “A Giveaway! With One Plus One!

  1. Shelly M

    Hi Hilda! Hope it’s okay if I enter. I love everything in One Plus One’s shop – I have their Love Travels print and it’s gorgeous. My favourite of their holiday designs is the Send Some Love tags and cards.


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