Painted Leather Bracelets

Last night, while the guys watched Football, my sister and I decided to get our creativity on and paint some leather bracelets.  We got the idea from A Beautiful Mess (which is an amazing blog btw) and after scanning her DIY instructions we painted away.

 It was super fun and considering I’m not even the list bit artistic I’m pretty happy with the results.  I still have to put snaps on mine but I plan to do that today.

We used acrylic paint which seemed to work well, so far I don’t have any cracking anywhere but I have a feeling it might a bit eventually.  I’m guessing you can probably use some kind of paint sealant over top but we were going for a “use what we’ve got” kind of project.

My sister cut thin strips of leather and sort of stitched them together to make one big long wrap around bracelet which looked pretty cool.

She also braided one and you can wear it suede side up (like above) or the shinier leather side up.  Either way it looks awesome.

What did you do for the Superbowl?  Or should I ask, what did you eat?

3 thoughts on “Painted Leather Bracelets

  1. Feltia

    Haha! Here in Spain it’s similar, When there is an important soccer match, all men are paralyzed in front of the TV screen! It’s better be crafty 😉 Love these bracelets!


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