Resolutions on the Food Front – An Update

farmhouse chive cheddar cheese, made by Travis
Last month I mentioned that we’re really changing the way we do food.  Switching over to local organic whenever we can and first and foremost growing and doing what we can ourselves.  So far we’ve done pretty good but there’s always more to do.

Here’s what we’ve done lately.

These lovely Rose Hips are currently fermenting into some (hopefully) delicious wine.  We did a little taste test a few nights ago and I was pleasantly surprised at how good it was.  I’m sometimes a little bit sceptical of Travis’ experiments but ninety nine percent of the time His stuff turns out amazingly.

rose hip wine

no that’s not olive oil, just proof you don’t need a lot of fancy equipment to make wine, that’s more rose hip wine in there.

the wine rack Travis built, as of now there are more empties than full bottles but once all those carboys get bottled up we should be good for a while :)

Our freezer is now totally full. I had planned to buy a few chickens from a local free-range farm but I just don’t have space for them right now.  We still have a decent amount of beans, zucchini, and carrots from our garden last year, they should last us until harvest time again.  We’ve also got some venison in there and a few kg’s of flour from Highwood Crossing.  Travis made some sausage a while bag so we’ve got that as well.  In all honesty we could probably eat out of freezer alone quite comfortably for a while.
We’ve ordered a bunch of seeds in for this Springs garden.  We’ve planted some carrots already in one of our cold frames so I’m curious to see when those will start coming up.  I’m actually really excited for this years garden, we’re trying lots of new things so it will be fun to see what does well and what doesn’t.
So there you go, that’s where we are at so far!

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  1. Kara

    Did Dad bring you those wine bottles I left with him at Christmas? Let me know if you want more and I’ll keep saving them.


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