Sewing for My Girl

The other day I went through my box of too big clothes that I have for Ara and realized that she has almost no clothes for this summer.  This made me think I should really try and sew all the clothes she needs.  The main reason I got into sewing was for practical reasons so here we go, I’m on a mission to sew her whole summer wardrobe!

I started out with buying a bunch of patterns from a shop on Etsy called Too Sweets.  All her stuff is adorable so I just might have bought 6 patterns…
I have this bad habit of buying patterns and then never using them so I decided this time to make one of the dresses right away. I picked the Best Bubble Dress and it was such an easy sew.

nothing like a massive peanut butter sandwich to bring out the girl in my daughter 😉

I chose the 12 months to 2T size and it was a bit small for her. She mostly still wears 18-24 months so I thought I was safe but mostly I just made the elastics too tight. That’s an easy fix thanfully.
I really loved using this pattern.  All her patterns pieces are done up on the computer so no hand drawn pattern pieces. She gives step by step photo instructions which is also really nice.  I think next up I’m going to attempt the Mini Maxi Dress and then maybe the shorts pattern.
I may also shorten the Best Bubble Dress into a shirt in another fabric too.  Should be easy enough!

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