Adventure Challenge: Pirate Nature Hunt!

The lovely April of The Flourishing Abode came up with this fabulous idea of creating Adventure Challenges.  She posts one a week and most of the time the post comes with a free printable to make your challenge that much easier!
This past Friday, Kaed and I snuck out of the house while Daddy and the other two kids were napping and off we went on a Pirate Nature Hunt!
It was a spur of the moment decision so we didn’t dress up but I dug out my point and shoot camera and I let Kaed take all the pictures he wanted while we searched for the items on our list.  He had never used a camera before so that proved to be a huge highlight to our excursion.
 The first thing we found were rocks of course, I had to convince Kaed to stick with small rocks as he wanted to fill his backpack with the biggest ones he could find.

We decided to add a feather to our list, just because there were so many around.  This of course meant that my little dude wanted to pick up the dirtiest one out there.

When we first started out I wasn’t totally convinced he was having a good time but a little ways in he turned to me and said “this is SO much fun!”.  That of course warranted a thumbs up picture.

Oddly enough the hardest thing to find on our list was the Swashbuckling Sword (aka stick) it was one of the last things we found and we looked long and hard to find it!  Later that stick became a fishing rod which later became a game of who can break the stick.

Our treasure at the end was a big cup of hot chocolate when we got home so once we had every item crossed off the list Kaed was more than happy to proudly hold up his completed check list and head on home.
All in all it was a great time spent with my oldest son.  Sometimes it’s the best thing ever to get to spend some one on one time with your kids.  Thanks April for the fabulous idea!

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  1. April @ TheFlourishingAbode

    Awwww, this is SO neat to see my printable out in action! I’m so happy he enjoyed it so much. Yay!!! 😀 Thanks for sharing, I really enjoyed seeing this. And your little guy is adorable! Thanks again! 😀



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