Garden Update

Our big cold frame doesn’t really look anything like this anymore, it’s about 3 times fuller and bigger but I just have to say that the amount of greens we have already eaten out of garden (it’s only the end of May!) is astounding.  We have salads every day, smoothies packed full of spinach nearly every day, and greens added to anything else we want.  Surprisingly I haven’t gotten sick of it all yet, just having less success finding new ways to incorporate it in our meals.

The boys planted their own garden with Dad last Saturday morning, from carrots, to swiss chard, to beans, to spinach.  They’re pretty excited to start eating whatever pops up.

One of the things the most surprising to me is that all three kids often head outside just to grab a handful of spinach to snack on.  I do the same thing I just never expected it of preschoolers!  I’m certainly not complaining!

We also recently put in a couple of Haskap bushes, a Saskatoon bush, and some Blackberries.  This brings our backyard fruit up from Grapes, Raspberries, and Strawberries.  It probably sounds like we have no more yard left at all but we still have a good 75% of our backyard as just lawn.

Have you planted a garden yet?

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