Garden Beginning of June

Kaed’s gotten quite good at digging out dandelions from the backyard.  Not a bad thing to have your 5 year old do for you 😉

Kohlrabi is coming up! I’ve never had Kohlrabi before so I’m pretty excited to try it.

I was actually totally surprised to see tiny little peppers growing already.  We’ve never tried peppers before so I didn’t really expect much.  Pepper are one of the veggies I gave up for the winter, as it’s impossible to find locally grown organic peppers around her in the Winter.  I love them though so I’m really looking forward to eating them again.

Tomatoes are coming along nicely too.  We try them every year and have yet to be successful but I’m confident this year is the year.  Last year they actually grew well but Ara consistently picked them just as they started turning red.

I’m also beyond excited for these lovelies to turn into raspberries. I may have to fight Trav and the Kids to get any but I’m prepared for that!

The peas, beans, zucchini, carrots, and a few others are all coming up nice now too.  It’s great to see that everything germinated well and seems to be doing well so far.  I may be busy come harvest time!

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