Camping – Round One 2012

 Last weekend we spent a couple of days out near Drumheller, Alberta.  We’ve camped out there before and Travis and I actually lived in Drumheller for a few months when we first got married.  It’s gorgeous out in the Badlands and this year it was so green!

We did our typical few hikes around the area.  The kids are getting better and making it longer distances which is a total bonus.  The only drawback is Ara is still too little to make it too far but she’s also getting really heavy to haul around.

I had great intentions of breaking out my edible plants book and doing some foraging but the closest I got was to picking some rose petals for tea.

The kids had a great time, as usual.  We did too, despite the lack of sleep!

Best part about camping?  Who cares if your face is dirty?

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