Freezing Spinach

A few months ago I found out that you could buy spinach frozen in little cubes which I thought was brilliant.  That led to me thinking “I could do that!”  Thankfully we’ve had an abundance of spinach this spring so I’ve had to resort to freezing some a couple times already.  It’s really easy, quick, and seriously so handy.

Unfortunately I didn’t take any step by step pictures when I froze some last but really it’s so simple you don’t need them.
Here’s what you do:
Wash your spinach.
Drain the water out well and puree it in a blender or food processor
Scoop it into ice cube trays, tamp them down a couple of times to get air bubbles out.
Freeze them!
Once the spinach is totally frozen pop them out and put them in a freezer safe container.
One or two cubes is seriously close to a huge bowl full of spinach so adding a couple of cubes to your dinner packs a lot of spinach punch.  I also add these to smoothies, 2-3 cubes doesn’t change the taste or texture at all and adds a lot of nutrients.

6 thoughts on “Freezing Spinach

  1. The Plugs

    lol this reminds me of what i did for noelle making her “baby food”. I frove everything in icecubes and it was easy to mix and match veggies&fruit. I even did spinach 😉


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