Holidays Part 2 – Salmon Fishing

 The second week we were in BC we spent fishing on Babine Lake.  The Sokeye were running and it was a seriously good time.
3 years ago, the last time we were in Northern BC we spent a few days Salmon fishing on the river.  Unfortunately the water was really high at the time which made it really muddy and some really bad fishing.  This year was more than a little better.
 These two Sokeye were pulled in at the same time.  We had more than one fish on at a time a few times and it made for some really great fishing.
Each of my boys got to reel in their very first trout, which made them pretty darn happy.  We ate them our first night back at home and they were fantastic.
Some really amazing friends of my parents loaned us their fishing boat and cabin for 4 days.  The cabin was beautiful and the boat was perfect for fishing with kids.
I spent a lot of time sitting on a camping chair in the boat with my feet up watching the rods for signs of “fish on!”
Another highlight was watching a black bear swim across the lake just beside us.
The best part of the whole trip?  Coming home with almost our limit.  This was a 2 hour haul on our best evening.  Not bad!  Our freezer is full, the Sokeye tastes great, and we had a fantastic time.

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