Holidays Part 3 – Holidays in Instagram

 I’m on instagram now, did ya know? (find me as handmadetherapy)
The first week we were in Smithers, my little sis, her husband, and their friend were there too.  We totally kid bombed their holidays but I think they secretly enjoyed it.  Or so I tell myself 😉
Saskatoons were fully ready when we were there.  I brought some home and made jam out of them.
We did a hike up to Crater Lake which is above the ski hill in Smithers.  The kids did amazing and the view was well worth it.
Shooting Pake’s (grandpa) 3-D target.
Boats at the shared neighbour dock.
We went out to visit a good friend who lives on a full on Beef Farm.  They have chickens.  The kids were so stoked about collecting the one egg.
Bringing in a Sokeye!

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