This year was the first year we grew Kohlrabi.  Neither Travis nor I had ever even tasted the stuff before but we heard it was good so we went for it.  It IS good.  I made a coleslaw with the first couple and it was tasty.  I also tried Lacto-Fermenting some and it’s really good too.
I know have a huge pile of them I really need to do something with.  Do I lacto-ferment more? Freeze some? I don’t know but I’m going to have to decide soon.
This was the first zucchini to make it’s way out of garden this year.  The Zucchini has done amazingly well this year and the first 2 big ones I pulled out got me a good 8 bags full of grated goodness in the freezer.  That  means a lot of muffins/loaves/soups this winter. I’m happy.
Remember those Saskatoons I picked while on holidays in BC?  Those got turned into jam using this recipe.  I also made peach/nectarine jam and blueberry jam but it’s all going fast so I may have to get some more made while the fruits are in season and somewhat local.
This was my very first time canning and every jar sealed! 
Side note:  I promise I will still take “real” pictures despite the ease that is instagram.  I get tired of only looking at instagram pics too.

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