Duck Hunting

We took a trip to Saskatchewan last weekend so Travis could do some duck and geese hunting.  I was a little bummed at first, knowing a shotgun is too loud to shoot when pregnant, but we went anyway and I spent time with my Sister in Law, Mother in Law, and Ara.  It was a nice relaxing weekend but the best part was how much fun the boys had.

Travis took them out a couple of times and on the first morning they came home with 6 ducks which made for some seriously excited kids.

I know I was the same way as a kid but I was still surprised to see how much the kids loved every aspect of the hunt. From going out to shoot them to processing and cleaning them, to cooking and eating them.  It made me excited for future hunts.

If hunting isn’t your thing you should at least be able to appreciate how beautiful it is by Travis parents cabin!

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