A Couple of Dragons and Minnie Mouse

I managed to get all three kids’ costumes made again this year.  I’m really happy with the results but I won’t lie, there were some frustrating moments getting them made!  Especially those dragon wings…

I had an idea in mind of how I wanted the costumes to turn out.  They needed to be either really warm (we had snow, cold wind and -7 Celsius last night for trick or treating) or able to fit over their snow pants and jackets.  I decided to piece together their costumes from a few different tutorials.  I wanted them to have a hat that was warm and they would could still use for the rest of Winter, so I used the Warm Winter Hat Pattern from From An Igloo

For the wings I used  the Dragon Wings Tutorial from I’m Feeling Crafty The tutorial was well done but I just got to say those wire hangers made my life difficult for a while!!

For the tails I used the Dinosaur Tail Tutorial from Running With Scissors.  I have actually wanted to make these tails for a while, just for fun so it was a perfect opportunity to make them.  This tutorial is so easy and I think after the first one the second took me maybe 20 minutes from start to finish?  Easy!

Ara wanted to be Minnie Mouse which was great, because how easy is that?  I made her some fleece leggings, just using a pair of leggings that fit her well as a pattern.  I just wanted her to be able to wear really warm pants and not have to wear snow pants so that worked well.  I also made her skirt fleece lined.  No tutorial or pattern for that, just my own skirt pattern.  The skirt is huge so hopefully it fits her for a long time yet.
The ears are just stiff felt glued onto a black headband and I made the bow from the same fabric as the skirt.  Also easy peasy!

What did your kids go as for Halloween?  Did you make their costumes or buy them?

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