The Sciroco Dress

I finished up the Scirocco dress by Figgy’s Patterns today.  It’s such a pretty dress and by far the most detailed I’ve sewn yet.  I made it for my daughter’s Dedication this coming Sunday.  The bodice is a tiny bit too big on her unfortunately but she will have to wear a cardigan with it until the weather warms up so I’m not too worried.

The dress had lots of steps and took quite a while to sew but the instructions were really clear and I learned a couple of new techniques so I’m happy.  I think it would definitely be tough for a beginner but still possible. 

I had a hard time getting her to stand still for this one, but goofy works too :)


I swear she’ll be all grown up before I know it…

This pattern is in the huge Sew Fabulous e-Pattern Bundle as well as two other Figgy’s patterns!  You can get yours here.  The bundle includes 18 patterns for only $24.95

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