Ice Fishing

We went Ice Fishing as a family for the first time last weekend.  It was a gorgeous, sunny, warm day and the only downside to the entire trip was that we didn’t catch anything.  To be honest, no one really minded as it was still a ton of fun and it was great to be out on such a gorgeous day.

It kind of blows my mind how many things Lachlan has already done at 2 months old.  He’s been to Saskatchewan, been to the archery range several times, been ice fishing… lucky kid!

Kaed loved every bit of the day.  He was a little bummed we didn’t catch anything but that just made him more determined to get out again before the ice is too thin.  I’m guessing we have a week or two left.

The coolest part is how the holes in the ice glow when it’s dark.  We didn’t see much of anything in the water but it was still neat to see.

I spent most of the day watching and snuggling my little man but next year I hope to have a hook in the water too.

Travis farmer rigged up some fishing rods the night before we went out.  They were pretty neat, just shaped pieces of wood that would be easy for the kids to “reel” up if they caught anything. The best part is they cost next to nothing to make and take up almost no room to store.  Double score.

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