The Anywhere Dress

 I have a new all time favorite sewing pattern.  It’s the Anywhere Dress by Go To Patterns 

It has tons of options as far as length goes, sleeves, etc.  The first one I made came together in less than an hour. I’ve made a couple more since then I can now pump one out in about 40 minutes.  Not bad.  To be able to whip out a dress or shirt in under an hour makes it worthwhile to me to make my kids’ clothes as opposed to buying them, which isn’t always the case.

 The first one I made was the standard length the pattern gave.  For the second one I extended the length for more of a dress.

Ara loves her new dresses and after I made the first one she said “Mommy, you can make me lots and lots of these in so many different colors!”.  Perfect.

What have you sewn lately?  What’s on your sewing list?

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