Around the Backyard



I’m really digging our honeybees lately.  It’s so nice to see them fly around after such a long winter.  They are such a great hive, super docile, apparently quite hardy, and such a fun addition to our backyard.


May 25, 2013 018


May 27, 2013 016

The strawberries are blooming and I can almost taste what real strawberries taste like again.





Radishes in May

The cold frames are full of good stuff.  We’ve been eating spinach, arugula, and kale for a few weeks already and soon I’ll be adding radishes to the list.  Just as the first crop of greens starts to bolt our second crop will be ready.


Pepper Blossoms

The hot peppers and tomatoes are starting to bloom now, which is a bit earlier than last year I believe.  Hopefully this just means we get a bit bigger crop this year.


Tomatoes in May

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