Vintage V-Neck from Blank Slate Patterns

IMG_3125Fall has hit us here in Alberta and much to my boys’ dismay that means jeans and long sleeved shirts, sometimes sweaters, and jackets, I’ve even pulled out their toques. Yikes!  This also means I had a great excuse to sew up some Vintage V-Neck (part of the Sew Fab e-Pattern SALE!) shirts from Blank Slate Patterns.


I love this pattern. I’m a big fan of sewing shirts so I’ve done my fair share of them and this pattern is in my top five.  I’ve only sewn the boys version but the pattern also comes with cute looking girly sleeves as well. You can sew it in short sleeves or long, with or without the pocket.IMG_3109 As you can see it may actually be cool enough for long pants and shoes but that doesn’t necessarily mean I can convince my boys of that!  True Canadians wear shorts in the dead of winter though, right?


I stitched these shirts up in a waffle knit.  They are super soft and comfy but it did give me a bit of grief at the color.  Next time I’ll use either a heavier jersey knit or a lighter ribbed knit on the collar.  Melly, the designer gives you some really great tips on getting that v-neck just right in her step by step tutorial included in the pattern.Vintage V-Neck The Vintage V-Neck pattern is included in the Sew Fab Sale that’s going on this week.  If you buy the pattern bundle while it’s still available you’ll get 26 patterns for $29.95.  You can buy the bundle here!

Want more information on the Sew Fab Sale before you buy?  Read all about it here: Sew Fab Sale

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