Great Horned Owl

IMG_4117Last week our family was out at our Archery Range and while shooting the course we came across a Great Horned Owl that was obviously very injured.  The owl wasn’t able to fly but had managed to get itself up on a stump and nervously watch our every move.


Travis called a local wildlife rehabilitation center to see if anyone could come down and get the owl.  IMG_4149


While waiting I was able to get a few photos of the bird.  If I got too close he would puff up really big in an attempt to scare me off.  I kept my distance (zoom lens!) for obvious reasons and after a while he seemed to realize I wasn’t going to get too close.IMG_4140 IMG_4130

We had another family with us, and between us all we have 8 kids so this was a pretty cool experience for all of them.  Kaed, our oldest has always been really interested in owls so this was a huge highlight for him.IMG_4124The next day we called the wildlife rehabilitation center that took him in to find out how he was doing.  Turns out the wing was so badly broken and damaged they had to put him down.  Pretty sad but I’m just going to be thankful that we had such a cool experience.


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