Gifted Art

This year for Christmas both Travis and I were gifted some pretty amazing art.

Travis got an amazing Salumi Poster made by his two sisters.  The poster is amazing.  The pig is labelled with all the Italian butcher cuts and along the bottom are as Trav calls them, “porky herbs”.Picture 436 Picture 435The poster is one of those gifts that Travis got that I love too.  I’ve even referenced it once already so it’s pretty handy.  Next up is finding a frame that does it justice.1512562_10151763170602315_555229268_nMy sister Suzanne went all out this year.  She drew animal pictures for everyone and they are all pretty amazing.  The above Fox Print is the one I got.  Below are some of the other animals she drew for other family members.  If you look closely at each one you’ll see hints of the animal in other places on the print.

Animal Drawings  1525480_10151763170182315_924077677_n 1526586_10151763170417315_628679234_n On top of these she also made a family tree for our parents and a coloring book calender for each of her eight nieces and nephews!

Suzy's Art

One of the pages of the coloring book calender.  My kids have been very carefully coloring theirs and even tracing some of the pages so they can color them more than once.554719_10151685622532315_874858091_n-1The family tree she made for our parents.  She’s done several commissioned family trees since then!

I’ve said it in past years but I really do love handmade gifts the best.

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  1. Suzanne

    Well I am glad you like them! Also… if the kids want more copies, I can always email you the files to print them out.

    P.S. I am so impressed you actually made a blog post on my demand. I think this makes YOU the awesome sister. Just saying.


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