Simple Organization for Patterns (and Lego manuals, recipes, and more!)

Blog 059

I’m a PDF Sewing Pattern junkie. I’ll admit it.  I have way more than I’ll probably ever sew and only half of those are already printed out.Blog 065 The problem with having so many patterns is trying to keep them organized and sorted so I don’t  print them out a second time when I can’t find the original one I printed.Blog 060

On top of all the bought PDF Patterns I have I also have all my own patterns and templates to store so I needed some kind of filing system for them that didn’t take up much space.  I thought about a small filing folder but I didn’t really have a place to put one so I went with the same system I use for printed out recipes I want to keep.Blog 064

Now each of my patterns, my own or bought, have their own sheet protector.  I often print out a copy of a pattern I really like several times and cut it out in the different sizes that my kids are wearing.  All the sizes of one pattern go in the same sheet protector.  Then I organize the patterns into categories with binder dividers and the whole stack goes in one monster binder.

I love that I can flip through my binder and visually see each of the patterns.  If it’s not obvious to me which pattern it is I write the name of it on with a sharpie on the plastic sleeve.Blog 061I think it’s time I stop buying new patterns. Or I could just get a second binder.

I use this same system for recipes and recently I put it to use for Lego instruction manuals.  My kids love looking through their old manuals to find something new to build but they kept loosing pages and entire manuals.  Now each kit has it’s own sleeve for all the manuals that came with it.  Most kits only have one manual but some of the bigger Lego sets they’ve gotten have had several.

Blog 068The best part about this is that the kids can flip through the pages and find the manual they want without taking each one out.

Blog 069 Blog 071 Thankfully the Lego manuals still fit in one small binder.

You can get sheet protectors at most office supply stores and department stores.  I bought mine at Costco.

Are there other things you can think of to organize this way?  My next thought was for organizing seed packets…

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