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Today I wanted to share with everyone something pretty exciting coming to Calgary in the near future.  Bubblegum Belles Artisan Collective!  I asked Pam to share a little bit about the Artisan Collective and here’s what she had to say.

Bubblegum Belles started out as a small Etsy shop selling crocheted creatures and accessories. Over the last few months I’ve been working on expanding Bubblegum Belles into becoming a mobile artisan shop that will sell a wide selection of handcrafted products by local artists out of a retrofitted step van. These “Fashion” trucks, or in our case “Artisan” trucks, have been growing in popularity across the United States as well as in Ontario and BC. Besides appearing at festivals, outdoor events and popping up on the streets of Calgary, we’ll also be bringing curated trunk shows and craft workshops to people’s homes on request. We want to build a space for customers that is convenient, intimate, fun and affordable and a place where Calgary’s artists can showcase their work in a dynamic and new environment.

The idea for a mobile retail shop started about a year ago after being inspired by the success of the food truck industry and the growing trend of pop-up shops in Calgary. Retail trucks are not just a new business, they’re a new way to do business. We’re already seeing a very positive response to this idea and we’ve already signed on several artists who are excited to see this truck become a reality.

 I’ve lived in Calgary for 22 years and have loved seeing how this city’s culture and creativity has grown and thrived. I’ve sold at many markets and am now working hard to create Calgary’s first mobile artisan truck.

 For more information about our IndieGoGo campaign:



I’m seriously excited about this Artisan Collective Truck and I will be one of the many artists with product available for sale out of it.  You can see a full list of the participating artists here: http://www.bubblegumbelles.com/the-artists.html


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