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IMG_8451A couple of weeks ago I was browsing sewing patterns online when my daughter saw one for a princess dress.  You have to know my daughter to realize that she’s not a big girly girl and has never been into big fancy dresses but something about this one caught her eye.  She immediately asked if I could sew her a Princess Sofia the First dress.

IMG_8443So we ordered the pattern and then went online some more to pick out fabric.  She chose all the fabrics, trim, lace, and buttons herself and then patiently waited the week it took for it all to arrive.

IMG_8459 IMG_8454The pattern is the Candy Castle Princess Dress by Candy Castle Patterns.  I was a little bit leery of sewing such an involved dress but the pattern was so well done I had nothing to worry about.  There wasn’t a single step I was confused on and despite the detail the dress actually came together fairly quickly.

IMG_8436Both the white and the purple fabric are from the Michael Miller Fairy Frost Collection.  I’ve never been a fan of sewing with anything but knits or pure cotton when it comes to dresses so this fabric was perfect for me.  It’s got a pretty princess sparkle but it’s still cotton.  Win win.

IMG_8439I had to wait several days before she’d let me photograph her in it but I’m not complaining because that just proved to me it was worth all the work.  She wore it non stop for the first four days she had it!

I’m not in any hurry to sew another princess dress anytime soon but if I do, I can certainly see myself coming back to this pattern and fabric.


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  1. candycastlepatterns

    What a gorgeous dress and what a lovely review! Thank you so much for taking the time to photograph and write your blog, it made me smile. She’s a beautiful Sofia and you did an amazing job on the dress! Big hugs. Candy Castle Patterns


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