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Gifted Art

This year for Christmas both Travis and I were gifted some pretty amazing art.

Travis got an amazing Salumi Poster made by his two sisters.  The poster is amazing.  The pig is labelled with all the Italian butcher cuts and along the bottom are as Trav calls them, “porky herbs”.Picture 436 Picture 435The poster is one of those gifts that Travis got that I love too.  I’ve even referenced it once already so it’s pretty handy.  Next up is finding a frame that does it justice.1512562_10151763170602315_555229268_nMy sister Suzanne went all out this year.  She drew animal pictures for everyone and they are all pretty amazing.  The above Fox Print is the one I got.  Below are some of the other animals she drew for other family members.  If you look closely at each one you’ll see hints of the animal in other places on the print.

Animal Drawings  1525480_10151763170182315_924077677_n 1526586_10151763170417315_628679234_n On top of these she also made a family tree for our parents and a coloring book calender for each of her eight nieces and nephews!

Suzy's Art

One of the pages of the coloring book calender.  My kids have been very carefully coloring theirs and even tracing some of the pages so they can color them more than once.554719_10151685622532315_874858091_n-1The family tree she made for our parents.  She’s done several commissioned family trees since then!

I’ve said it in past years but I really do love handmade gifts the best.

Saskatchewan Duck and Goose Hunt

*You may want to avoid this post if you’re not keen on photos of animals that will end up in our freezer and later the cook pot.October 2013 430This post was supposed to go up a few weeks ago.  When the hunt was still relevant and fresh in my mind but I’m just barely coming out of the swamp that is Baby Bootie season in my Etsy Shop so it’s late. Very late.

October 2013 572This past October we drove out to where Travis grew up to do some Duck and Goose Hunting for the second time.  It’s become one of those trips that is fun for so many reasons.  One we get to visit with my inlaws, two we get to do some hunting, and three we get to fill the freezer a little bit more.

October 2013 473It’s an all around good time.  The kids really enjoy the whole hunting experience and I really enjoy the opportunity to get out as well.  I even got out once or twice without any kids thanks to Grandma!

October 2013 514The Geese were migrating while we were there and seeing the massive flocks was pretty incredible.

October 2013 513October 2013 437On top of all the ducks and geese we saw there were lots of antelope to be found and even a very large badger one night.

October 2013 529We had a very succesful week of hunting and turned all those birds into various kinds of very tasty sausage.

October 2013 373 October 2013 364 October 2013 435

Making Baby Cereal

June 29, 2013 059

My littlest dude is eight months. Already.  This means that he’s been on solid food for a couple of months already.  I made a decision when I was still pregnant with him to try to completely avoid processed food and formula for him.  At first I thought it would be a little difficult when it came to baby cereal but it turns out it was extremely easy.  I mostly fed him oatmeal cereal at the start and then quickly switched to regular cooked oatmeal when I decided to do Baby Led Weaning with him.


June 29, 2013 054

It’s really easy to make baby oatmeal.  All you have to do is dump a couple of cups of instant oats in a blender or food processor and blend!  I then put it in a mason jar and stored it in the fridge.  When it came time to make Lachlan cereal I put a couple of spoon fulls in a bowl and poured boiling water over top, whisking as I poured.  It starts out looking like it will be really lumpy but once it cooks a bit and you whisk it with a fork it smooths out.June 29, 2013 055 June 29, 2013 058The only other baby cereal I made was rice cereal.  I bought heritage grain short rice and cooked up a pot of it.  Then I blended it and poured it into ice cube trays and froze them.  Then I just pulled out a cube or two whenever I needed one.  If you avoid using the microwave you have to remember to pull it out ahead of time to let it defrost then add a bit of boiling water to warm it up.

Have you made baby cereal before? How did you do it?

Getting Away

Last month we got away for a couple of weeks and took a road trip.  We have family both directions, my parents are to the west in British Columbia, and Travis’ family is to the east in Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Ontario.  This year we headed east and drove first to Saskatchewan then to Manitoba. Saskatchewan and Manitoba August 2013 131We had really gorgeous weather most of the time. Nothing too hot, which is right up my alley but warm enough to spend a few days at the beach and water parks.  We found frogs and snakes in the South Saskatchewan River.Saskatchewan and Manitoba August 2013 100Saskatchewan and Manitoba August 2013 123Saskatchewan and Manitoba August 2013 147  While in Saskatchewan the Herbert Stampede came to town so we hit up the Rodeo.  It was a first for the kids and they thought it was great.   Saskatchewan and Manitoba August 2013 057Saskatchewan and Manitoba August 2013 083Saskatchewan and Manitoba August 2013 072 Saskatchewan and Manitoba August 2013 070 Saskatchewan and Manitoba August 2013 005My mother in law, Kathy, grows just about everything.  The Evans Cherries were just getting ripe while we were there, along with Raspberries, and Saskatoons so we definitely enjoyed that.Saskatchewan and Manitoba August 2013 006The apples weren’t quite ready but a couple of weeks later some were and we got a huge bucket full.  I’ll be sad when they’re gone.Saskatchewan and Manitoba August 2013 004Saskatchewan and Manitoba August 2013 346We also spent an afternoon at a friends’ farm doing some target shooting.  The kids had a great time catching grass hoppers to feed to the chickens as well.Saskatchewan and Manitoba August 2013 271I apparently took very few photos while in Manitoba unfortunately but we had a fantastic time there as well and the kids got to spend some time with their great grandparents which is pretty amazing.

Honeybees, A Closer Inspection

Travis did some cleaning out in the hive a couple of weeks ago and I snapped about a hundred photos.  Here are some of my favorites.  June 1, 2013 039


June 1, 2013 014


That really is all he wears when he goes in the hive.  Our bees are super docile, which is fantastic.  Near the end of his cleaning, probably a good 45 minutes in they started to get a bit aggressive so he put a net on his head but no stings!  Not a sting yet from this hive.


June 1, 2013 009June 1, 2013 069

These guys have a real like for cross combing and unfortunately while trying to fix it up we lost some of the brood.  Pretty sad.

June 1, 2013 008 June 1, 2013 027 June 1, 2013 030 June 1, 2013 044 June 1, 2013 061

We still haven’t done a real honey harvest, just a teaspoon or two to taste but I really look forward to the day we have a few jars in the pantry.  We did save all the wax from the cross combing we took out.  I need to clean it a few more times and then it’s going into some lip balms and lotion.

Teach Them Young

June 8, 2013 141

We have always known that just because both Travis and I love Archery that doesn’t mean that our kids will too.  We’ve also always said we wouldn’t force it on them. Turns out we haven’t had too.  Today was the day that Ara, our three year old daughter, decided she was big enough to shoot totally on her own.  She’s good too.

June 8, 2013 075

She’s always shown a bit of interest but needed helping getting her arrow on the bow and aiming in the right direction but after a couple of times of Daddy helping her, she was on her own.

It has amazed me, with each of the kids, how crazy good their form and aim are.  It comes so naturally to them when they start so young.

June 8, 2013 071


A couple of weeks ago I spent some time with Kaed and Brayer and we sewed them their own quivers.  It was a long project but they really wanted to make them themselves and it turned out to be a lot of fun.  It took me a while to get over my fear of letting them use my sewing machine, aka my fifth baby but it went really well.


June 8, 2013 061

Sometimes I’m still surprised I have four kids…




June 8, 2013 146

This guy got right in on the bow fun too.How did you spend your weekend?  What kind of hobby’s do you hope to pass on to your kids?

The Anywhere Dress

 I have a new all time favorite sewing pattern.  It’s the Anywhere Dress by Go To Patterns 

It has tons of options as far as length goes, sleeves, etc.  The first one I made came together in less than an hour. I’ve made a couple more since then I can now pump one out in about 40 minutes.  Not bad.  To be able to whip out a dress or shirt in under an hour makes it worthwhile to me to make my kids’ clothes as opposed to buying them, which isn’t always the case.

 The first one I made was the standard length the pattern gave.  For the second one I extended the length for more of a dress.

Ara loves her new dresses and after I made the first one she said “Mommy, you can make me lots and lots of these in so many different colors!”.  Perfect.

What have you sewn lately?  What’s on your sewing list?

He’s Six!

Someone turned 6 last week.  SIX.  It kind of blows my mind but what parent hasn’t been shocked by how fast their kid grows up?

He is currently into all things Star Wars, or more specifically Lego Star Wars as that’s all we’ll let him watch for now.  He also go incredibly spoiled at his Birthday Party so for his gift from us I just sewed him some fun but practical items.  A pillow case and jammies! 

R2D2 is a definite favorite so I placed him on the front and center of the pj’s.  The fabric print was really too big for kid jammies but I did what I could.

I kind of love the fabric I used for the pillow case.  It’s really nice cotton and the print is perfect.  I can’t wait until he’s old enough to watch the real Star Wars.

I’m getting kind of lazy when it comes to Birthday cakes.  It’s cupcakes now, with homemade toppers.  Simple and cheap.

This is possible the only quiet moment of the whole party….

Ice Fishing

We went Ice Fishing as a family for the first time last weekend.  It was a gorgeous, sunny, warm day and the only downside to the entire trip was that we didn’t catch anything.  To be honest, no one really minded as it was still a ton of fun and it was great to be out on such a gorgeous day.

It kind of blows my mind how many things Lachlan has already done at 2 months old.  He’s been to Saskatchewan, been to the archery range several times, been ice fishing… lucky kid!

Kaed loved every bit of the day.  He was a little bummed we didn’t catch anything but that just made him more determined to get out again before the ice is too thin.  I’m guessing we have a week or two left.

The coolest part is how the holes in the ice glow when it’s dark.  We didn’t see much of anything in the water but it was still neat to see.

I spent most of the day watching and snuggling my little man but next year I hope to have a hook in the water too.

Travis farmer rigged up some fishing rods the night before we went out.  They were pretty neat, just shaped pieces of wood that would be easy for the kids to “reel” up if they caught anything. The best part is they cost next to nothing to make and take up almost no room to store.  Double score.

Holidays – Part One

my mom’s patio tomatoes
We recently got back from spending 2 weeks in Northern BC. We had an amazing time and got to do some pretty neat things.  Too much happened to blog about it all so I’ll share a few pictures every post until you’ve gotten the basic idea!

 View from above my parents house, a short hike up the neighbours farm.
We spent a bunch of time canoeing on the lake my parents live right beside. We even managed to have all 3 kids in there at one point.

Check out those mountains!!